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Saturday, January 23, 2010, 5:22 PM

What's the meaning of love.
I got the answer from you : Getting experience from each other.
i don't agree, Since love is not a game.
You said alot of bitter words to hurt me,
i had no longer to analyse you're acting or, you're the person like this.
I'm tired. i don't wanted to care it anymore. Totally let go already.
You are nothing in my life from now.

Went barroom yesterday. Danced with friends and got drunk again xDxD
After that, Cheedi brough me to drift. HIS SKILL IS SUCKS! HAHAHAHA.
Later on , Snooker again.

Lifes without her is hard but the rainbow will reach after a rainstorm. =)

Sunday, January 17, 2010, 12:09 AM

was a worst friday i ever had in my life. Mood is freaking down. Wake up early in the morning and prepare for school. Nothing special since i just sleeping in the class :\

1.05 school ended. lepak at pondok jaga. and having fun with teacher's MOTORCYCLE. hahahaha.After that , went to infi and have some snooker and dota with friends. Back at 10p.m. something.


That's it. Barroom Street Party tonight. Wake up at 10a.m and packed everythings. Suddenly miko texted me and asked me to go Parade. It's still early so that i decided to go parade awhile first. Lepak dengan Chooi Leng , Kent , Yang , Dicky & Matthew.

Nearly 6p.m. Called taxi and reach INFINITY. Played few round Snooker and the times is near. BARROOM TIME ! Ordered few bucket of Tiger & Heineken and got drunk TONIGHT!

Monday, January 11, 2010, 2:01 PM
Lifes Without Her :(

I think my relation had cleared.
I'm single.
You told me that end is end.
Feelings quite hard.
and Sorry bout my offense yesterday.
I doesn't meant to say something that hurted you :(

Second week schooling.
Monday - not in mood to go school.
Decided ponteng with dicky, jack & kityan.

In the morning , meet dicky at parade parking centre.
saw his stupid face once again.
rided taxi and reached jpp.

Kityan had her breakfast at TAI JI DOU.
and We had ours at Sky Corner - Hong Kong Dim Sum.

the Dicky

random ME.

After that. went parade for bowling.

Dicky Striking Shot <3>

Around 1.30p.m
Carmenwongg reached.
and We ate Sushi together with her.

the day doen'st seems happy but fun.
i think i'm still missing her :(
Thanks for accompany FRIENDS. =)

Thursday, January 7, 2010, 8:49 AM
Like the Touch of Rain

I think some of my friends that knewing my news recently would worry about my well-being . The answer is. NO , i won't be fine after losing someone that i used to love so much in my life. If I could leave behind this hurt I feel I'd take the chance and run but no. I'd love you still ;( the memories we made I’ll forever hold on into my mind. i don't care what am i meant to you , but you're sincerely meant everythings to me. Btw, i know you have no chance to read this cause you never know i have a blog. i'm just finding some way to express my feelings.

After the breakup , i din't even find some different ways to satisfy myself like smoking or whatever things that hurting my ownbody. doen'st mean that i had put down. but since i had promised you i won't do it again, i still wanted to achieve the promise between you & I .

i admited. Our relation is holy crapping suffer. We used to argue always just because of my UNACCEPTABLE attitude. but for me , i wont want to break because i'm still loving you and without you my life is meaningless. it would be suffer more than that.

I know I fought with you without any reason
I know I used bitter words for you
I know I used to lie you always
I know I hurted your feelings
I know I didn't believe you as my partner
I know I didn't value your love to me
I have realized all my mistakes that I made
also i've realized life without you would be so hard.
i miss you , and so i ♥ you. forever & ever as i can .

Sunday, January 3, 2010, 5:39 AM

Her name - Zhiying. 16 this year. a student from MGS changed to Poi Lam. i knew her since april, 2009. We meet up at MacDonald first time, i was chasing a girl that time. And, she helped me? Lol

Start from the day, she wrote me a comment on friendster. And we began our chat. I got her msn from friendster, and got her number from msn. Lol , and i used to text her or call her to chat. =)
i told her everythings. and she'll cheer me up. made people misund that i liked her? HAHA.
A day after starwalk, we went parade together. i was moodying that day cause the girl i like sitting with a boy alone at starbuck. But she, accompany me for whole day. =) after we back home, lilian text me and tell me that zhiying LIKED me. owh, what a crush. i can't give up the girl i like that time. and i've missed her. and we continue-ing our friendship relation. long long long ago, i'm slowly gave up the girl i like, also the reason for me started to smoke. awhile ago, i've started to fall on HER. But from the day on, she told us she will love back her own boyfriend and NOT me.
when she like me, i don't
when i do, she don't
maybe this is our fate? i don't know.
i never tell her that my feelings. just remain the our friendship.

until a day , a record between me and my bro - Jingyi had spreaded out.
it's about the conversation that i telling jingyi that who i liked. Omg , how FISH.
everyone knew the secret. some believes, some don't.
i don't care.

from that day on, we started to flirting each other. i don't know whether she like me not, but she still had a BOYFRIEND.

PMR finally ended. i had forgotten which day that she break up with her boyfriend. i still never do any action because, i scared that she will reject me. i've been ordered to work at dou mou gong for a week since 9 wong yeh.
dou mou gong - a place which changed my lifes. at the date 10/25 i holded her hand tightly, and she never reject. Yeah , we had coupled. =D

i never msg her. but she would msg me everytime every moment even every seconds. isn't im bad huh? x) we also argued bout this, and i promised her that i will text her oftenly. but i din't even achieve the promise. i bet she'll have a lil bit disapointed on me?
somedays , she had noticed that im a smoker. she never say anythings , but tell me not to smoke. i answered OK. Second time , she knew again. and she texted me and hope me not to smoke again. i promised again. but , there's still THIRD, FOURTH , FIFTH & SIXTH times, i don't know how many times i've promised to her. i never achieve even just ONE promise. this time, she knew i smoke again. she's very very angry and wanted to break with me. Only i realize how important is she to me. i think back alot of our past. i treat her not really good, but she never said anything and continue walk the road with me. i don't like to talk, having bad attitude and small gases. we always argue, but she'll forgive me everytime. maybe she's quite suffer? =( im really regret, but everythings was too late. she act like forgave me. but i knew..i knew i had lost the trusting of myself to her. Can i get it back?.. It's 12a.m. at the night. and im missing you deeply. are u doing so? =( i don't know what can i do at the moment right now. i just wish you to know that i'm still loving you. i'm a sucks boyfriend, doesnt know how to make girls happy. doesnt know how to maintain the relantion between us. only her. She is maintaining the relantion. i know =( but i'm seriously hurted her deeply this time.
Everytime i wrong, and i'll simply said a sorry and act like nothing happen before. i'm so selfish. i never care her feelings at all.